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Need food or medicine?

Volunteers run errands and deliver to your home.

Call or text in your language:


Ward 1: (202) 681-9183
Ward 2: (202) 688-5812
Ward 3:(202) 556-1315
Ward 4: (202) 681-3098
Ward 5: (202) 643- 7030
Ward 6: (202) 683-9962
Wards 7 & 8: (202) 630-0336


My ward?

Food Resources

For food help, call Briya Monday – Friday 9am-5pm


Delivery of food, medicine and other items.  

Only for families with COVID-19.  

call 1-888-349-8323


Martha's Table 

2375 Elvans RD SE 

Monday-Friday 11am-4pm 

Community Pop-up Grocery Distribution  

1474 Columbia Rd, NW 

Monday-Friday 11am-4pm 


  • UPO-Petey Greene (2907 MLK Jr Ave SE) @ 1:00 PM 

  • Roundtree Residences (2515 Alabama Ave SE) @ 1:30 PM 

  • Washington Highlands (4335 4th St SE) @ 2:00 PM 

Spanish Catholic Center - 16th and Monroe in Mt Pleasant NW 

Catholic Charities has a new number for clients to register for the food program 202-996-0690. They will get a call and info to pick up groceries 1 Wednesday per month. 

16th & Monroe 

Feed the Fridge Program 

Fridges with free meals prepared by restaurants every day at these DC recreation centers.  No ID or registration needed.  

·         Rumsey Aquatic Center 

·         Arthur Clapper Recreation Center 

·         Fort Stanton Recreation Center 

·         Bald Eagle Recreation Center 

·         Raymond Recreation Center 

·         Emery Heights Community Center 

-Roosevelt STAY High School 

-Rita Bright Family and Youth Center 

-Langdon Education Campus 

-Ivy City Clubhouse and Court 

-Ballou High School 

-Tubman Element 


More information here: 

Senior Wellness Centers

1. Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center, Ward 1  

Meals will be available for pick up between 10am-2pm  

3531 Georgia AVE NW, Washington DC 20010 



2. Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center, Ward 4 (Near Briya FT and SHARPE) 

Meals will be available for pick up between 10am-2pm  

324 Kennedy ST NW, Washington DC 20011 



3. Model Cities Senior Wellness, Ward 5  

Meals will be available for pick up between 10am-2pm  

1901 Evarts ST NE, Washington DC 20018 



Meals will be available for pick up between 10am-2pm  

500 K ST NE, Washington DC 20002 



5. Washington Senior Wellness Center, Ward 7 

Meals will be available for pick up between 10am-2pm  

3001 Alabama AVE SE, Washington DC 20020 



6. Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center, Ward 8  

Meals will be available for pick up between 10am-2pm  

3500 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr Ave SE, Washington DC 20032  


FFM 2021-22 Flyer_Page_1.png
FFM 2021-22 Flyer_Page_2.png


The Greater DC Diaper Bank created Diaper Need Hubs as a solution during the COVID pandemic. 


LAYC- Mothers 18yrs old- 24 years old  

3045 15th ST NW 

Call beforehand to make sure they have the size available: (202) 713-0475 

Monday through Friday, 9-5. Clothes distribution closet opens April 5th, 2021. Open to DC residents, just have to pass the COVID screening upon entering the building. 

Bread for the City has partnered with Mutual Aid for Diapers: 

You may also email or fill out google forms for your ward: 

Food delivery

Call your Ward's Mutual Aid for help with food and other items you need:

mutual aid hotlines.png

Impact DMV C.A.R.E.S, will be giving out boxes of FREE Food this coming Saturday (and every 1st Saturday of the month) from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Free Food at Community Organizations

Allen Chapel AME Church  

Fridays, 9:30am-12pm 1st, 3rd and 5th  

Mobile Market 8:30am-10:30am 

2498 Alabama AVE SE, Washington DC 20020 



Father McKenna Center  

Monday-Thursday 1:30pm-4pm 

19 I ST NW, Washington DC 2001 



Martha's Table Market at the Commons  

Monday-Friday 11am-4pm 

Tuesdays 11am-6pm 

2375 Elvans RD SE, Washington DC  

Martha's Table at the Maycroft (near Briya Ontario road site) ​

Monday-Friday 11am-4pm  

1474 Columbia Rd, NW Washington DC 20009 


N ST Village *bagged foods* 

Breakfast 7am-8:30am daily 

Lunch 12-12:30pm daily  

1333 N ST NW, Washington DC 20005 


Urban Outreach  

Thursdays and Saturdays 10am-2pm   

5343 C ST SE, Washington DC 20019  


Catholic Charities (Centro Catolico)

Call to register 202-996-0690

Catholic Charities will call you with information to pick up groceries 1 Wednesday per month.  

1618 Monroe St NW, Washington DC 20010

Help in DC for food and other items


For more information, check out the DC Food Project

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