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Infant Week 3: 4/8

Ideas for Infants and Toddlers
What can you say?

I see you are… (Example: I see you are picking up the balls with the spoon.)

I wonder if you can… (I wonder if you can pick up the bottle caps with those sticks)

What if… (What if we put all the cheerios around the plate?)


Pick up cereal put on stick

Materials: playdough, noodles, cereal


Child learns:

-Language- use words  (into, around)

-Physical - work with hands and fingers

-Cognitive - imagine, create, shapes


Pipe Cleaners and Colander

Materials: pipe cleaners, colander


Child learns:

-Language - Use words (into, up, through)

-Physical  - work with hands

-Cognitive - imagine, create, colors


Use spoon, transfer objects

Materials: Big spoon, toys, bowls, water

Child learns:

-Language - use words (under, up, in, into, round, circle, full, empty)

-Physical - work with hands

-Cognitive -colors; solve problems


Match colors

Materials: Colored bottles, colored circles

Child learns:

-Cognitive - colors, count, attention; solve problems

-Physical - work with hands

-Language - use words (around, same)


Pick up tops with sticks

Materials: Bottle caps, 2 sticks, bowl, water

Child learns:

-Physical - work with hands, balance, hold top with sticks

-Cognitive  - colors, count, attention, float or sink; solve problems

-Language - wet, dry, float, sink


Pinch and Pick up Balls

Materials: puff balls, tweezers

Child  learns:

-Physical - hand muscles

-Cognitive  - colors, count, attention

-language - big, small, inside/outside

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