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Infant Week 8: 5/11

infant week 8.PNG
Crear- Haciendo Plasticina

Haciendo Plasticina/Making Playdough: Physical, Language, Cognitive, Social emotional

-Use materials and ingredients from home

-Use measuring tools

-Narrate what children are doing

-Talk about how it feels

-Play and create together

-Teach steps of a process or recipe

Sing- Friends Friends /Amigos Amigos

Friends Friends/Amigos Amigos Song: Language, social emotional, physical; cognitive

-Use music to connect socially

-Feel rhythm

-Practice rhymes

-Follow movements

-Use hands

-Use new words

Explore-Treasure Boxes

Explore Treasure Boxes: Social emotional, physical, cognitive, language

-Play with natural materials

-Make collections

-Mix items together

-Use imaginations

-Use hands

-Make connections

-Use new words

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