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Toddler Week 7: 5/4


Materials: Paper and crayons


Talk to your child. What color crayon? Does your child scribble fast or slow? Big or small?


Skills Learned: physical, socio-emotional, language, sensory

Create-Art project with recycled materials
Play-Sort by color

Art project: Cognitive, social emotional, language, physical

-Use imaginations

-Use recycled materials

-Talk about colors

-Have fun and be creative

Sort by color: Cognitive, physical, language

-Cut paper

-Put colors together

-Say color names

Make-Paper animals

Paper animals: Physical, cognitive, language

-Use hands

-Use imaginations

-Talk about animals

-Have fun and be creative

Making a Cave

Making a cave: Cognitive, social emotional, language, physical

-Use chairs, blankets, pillows

-Use imaginations

-Make a house

-Use words and tell stories

-Enjoy cozy space

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