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Toddler Week 8: 5/11

toddler week 8.PNG
Work Together—Empty the dishwasher
  Create and play--Shape puzzles
How to make slime
Explore-Treasure Boxes

How to make slime: Physical, language, social emotional, cognitive

-Use materials and ingredients from home

-Narrate what children are doing

-Play and create together

-Teach steps of a process or recipe

-Talk about how it feels

Explore Treasure Boxes: Social emotional, physical, cognitive, language

-Play with natural materials

-Make collections

-Mix items together

-Use imaginations

-Use hands

-Make connections

-Use new words

Shape puzzle: Cognitive, physical, language, social emotional

-Match pieces to make a shape

-Describe shapes

-Recognize colors

-Play together and have fun

-Use new words of shapes and colors

Empty the dishwasher: Cognitive, physical, language, social emotional

-Put dishes that are the same together

-Name each item

-Talk about same, different, how many

-Work together

-Be helpful and a good friend

-Use hands

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