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Toddler Week 9: 5/18

Sing-Five Little Monkeys
Read- Wake Up Wake Up

Five Little Monkeys: Cognitive, language, physical, social emotional

-Practice number skills

-Use number words

-Use movements

-Have fun

Play- Sorting Rocks
Read and talk about- Emociones de Mario cuando esta en el salon de clase 

Sorting Rocks: Language, Cognitive, Physical, Social Emotional

-Collect and use natural materials

-Put similar items together

-Use words

-Talk about how things are the same and different

-Talk about why they are together

-Have fun and talk

Emociones de Mario: Social emotional, language

-Remember school routines

-Remember our friends and teachers

-Talk about how we feel

-Use words

Games with recycled materials

Games with recycled materials: Physical, social emotional

-Use recycled materials

-Practice hand and eye coordination

-Run, jump and play

-Have fun

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